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The Surge of A burning world:

Since y2K fashion production had 2X to date, yet 85% of textiles go into landfills each year. The more trending options presented, the more we urge to catch up, the more collections to be made.

This incessant psychological chase became the perfect matchmaking for brands big and small across the world. Fashion collections rose from 2 seasons per year to 5, towards a staggering of 20 in fast fashion. …

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Millennials are a driving force for change in the economy perceptible through a shift in customer expectancies towards a simplified shopping experience without losing the authenticity of a brand. Many brands that have already been embracing D2C are rising to the occasion where other brands may not. Direct-to-consumer marketing or D2C is a method in which a company endorses and monopolizes products or services, eliminating the need for any intercessors. This modus of economic structure has risen appreciably since the arrival of the pandemic to lower costs for retailers and has been changing the landscape of business entirely.

The present…

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What is Laundry Sustainability, and Why should YOU care?

How often do you wash your jeans, and how quickly do they fade, thin or shrink? Or what about the ever-approaching laundry day that suddenly has you liberally filling your laundry basket? These quick, subconscious actions aren’t as inconsequential as you might think. The average household produced 300 loads of laundry a year, at 7.5lbs of carbon emissions per load. Thus, laundry makes up 8% of all residential-sector CO2 emissions, and 19% of energy in the home is dedicated to warming water.

Not only does overwashing and unnecessarily using warm water cause direct consequences, but it also threatens the longevity…

In September 2020, Amazon unveiled a rubric called “climate pledge friendly”, which will be labeled on products that obtain at least one certification from officials involved in environmental and social issues. On April 20, 2021, Amazon announced it will be putting forth added efforts to promote and expand these standards to make it easier for shoppers to find sustainable products. …

Image via Gucci, Fall Winter 2018 Eye Campaign

The current market, delineated by Millennials and Generation Z, favors culturally and environmentally cognizant brands. They also demand a certain standard of awareness in respect to the social atmosphere. Millennials and Gen Z are also mortally committed to sustainability and purchasing from verified eco-friendly brands, therefore any use of unsustainable materials in products will likely cast a deleterious cloud over the brand.

Although the pandemic may have kick-started the movement for some brands, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has been a germane dispute amongst Millennials and Gen Z long before the pandemics’ effects began to ripple. …

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The Fashion industry has been faced with intense stresses to reduce waste and carbon emissions from a new generation of consumers that mandate environmental responsibility. The notion of the circular fashion industry is a growing effort promoting sustainability in all materials while eliminating waste and pollution to encourage a regenerative economical circular model. The potential value of the circular fashion economy is estimated at $5 trillion according to data gathered and reported in the circular fashion report for 2020. This incentive alone is causing brands to rethink their structure and redirect their vision towards a more sustainable culture.

“Collaboration and…

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3D printing technology has made major advancements in recent years and we are starting to see it spilling into many industries, including fashion! The status of the 3D printing process is quickly becoming the first choice among designers and clothing producers as it allows them to experiment in ways that were once impossible. This innovative equipment can be used to generate ideas into a physical product at a much quicker rate, saving time, money, and resources. …

The pandemic has had a generous effect on most industries, including fashion. With the elimination of large gatherings to impede further harm of COVID-19, the fashion industry has had to acclimate to the new societal climate and they’ve used innovative technology such as VR and AR to do so. As expected, there was major panic amongst show producers in regards to fashion week with how to construct a virtuoso production while maintaining social distancing directives.

But, the concept of a VR fashion show isn’t new and was efficaciously executed in 2017 via New York Fashion Week (NYFW), so why has…

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In recent years, the notion of sustainability as a ritual for businesses and individual’s day-to-day routines has reaped comprehensive fame and positive reception from society. Since then, there have been many innovative developments with technology, legislature, and business policies across the globe, but is sustainability the right term for the movement? Why do we want to sustain the current environment when the aim is regenerative.

An unbiased evaluation would show that there have been improvements in environmental awareness, there hasn’t been much movement when it comes to sustainable action. Global warming will continue to increase as long as carbon emissions…

Is It Time To Give Up Glitter and Other Materials Causing Microplastic Pollution?

Clothing like this sparkly synthetic bodysuit contribute to the microplastic problem
Clothing like this sparkly synthetic bodysuit contribute to the microplastic problem
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If you didn’t already know, sparkles and glitter have been all over the runway in recent seasons from Tom Ford’s sequined jumpers to the glittery designs in Chanel Cruise. Glittery boots also made multiple appearances in Yves Saint Laurent, Marc Jacobs, and Chanel (just to drop a few names). There’s no sense in denying the fact that we love sparkly things. So much so that there has actually been psychological studies behind sparkles and why we are so drawn to it.


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