À New Wave to Fashion, À New Way of Living.

3 min readNov 4, 2020

An ÀLA.HAUSSE Brand Story

The Surge of A burning world:

Who doesn’t love a good fashion purchase?

Since y2K fashion production had 2X to date, yet 85% of textiles go into landfills each year. The more trending options presented, the more we urge to catch up, the more collections to be made.

This incessant psychological chase became the perfect matchmaking for brands big and small across the world. Fashion collections rose from 2 seasons per year to 5, towards a staggering of 20 in fast fashion. To-date, 21st Century, the fashion industry unproud and muddled, takes the title of 2nd lead industry to top a staggering 10% of the world’s total carbon emission ( Co2, a major player in the greenhouse effect),

with the responsibility for 20% of water pollution through the textiles dyeing process.

Feeling the burn? You aren’t alone, We have all fell short.

ÀLA.HAUSSE: à la hausse : [ the uprising ]:

The word Sustainability has not only been the buzz word within fashion, it is in forms of urgent morphing into the inevitable movement and process fostering change to fashion products and the fashion system towards greater ecological integrity and social justice. Sustainable fashion concerns more than just addressing fashion textiles or products but the whole system within fashion via, interdependent social & cultural, ecological, technology, and financial systems.

Using ÀLA.HAUSSE’s Multi-functional, Multi-purposeful Fashion Peer to Peer mobile e-commerce Ecosystem (BUY/SELL/RENT/LEND/ (swap BETA 2021), we are encouraged to REBUY, RESELL, REUSE, UP-CYCLE their personal “Closets” aka Clothing Assets, along with overstock inventory and samples. Through this consumerism habit shift, we indirectly slow down the urgency on fashion carbon footprint, aiding sustainability as a whole.


Though out the journey of mankind and beings on earth, these old world/new age philosophical and moral principles aligned with cause and effect is manifested negatively by the current fashion climate, IMpacting all shapes of forms from animals, plants, human, climate, and, most intangible yet, our values against what fashion truly means.

With Àn integrity-driven and sustainability-focused mission in mind, We @ÀLA.HAUSSE fashion ecosystem aims to become the pioneers in fashion sustainability, where awareness is raised with every style worn and trade. This is not the beginning nor the end of an uprising movement to challenge the negative environmental footprint caused by mass production and consumerism within the fashion and our society as a whole.

It is your love for fashion, moral alignment, and actionable support that make our ecosystem thrive.

and Don’t forget to #WEARYOURPURPOSE!

See you soon @ÀLA.HAUSSE.

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