ÀLA.HAUSSE Presents: Your Complete #HAUSSEPEOPLE’s Introductory Guide Part 2: Fashion Resellers

What day is today #HAUSSEPEOPLE? Day 5 of 27 it is. 💁‍♀️

{ Yes, we confirmed! There is a thing as Seller’s Remorse in Fashion! }⁠

As we are easing into day 5, we will cut the chit chat and voila:⁠

To all you fashion resellers out there, we have been in the exact same shoes. In the current luxury or general fashion resale climate, most fashion or resale platforms take a high commissions of minimum 15–25% or even higher, while retail or digital consignments goes over to a high 40% as they are handling the clothing and accessories with a guaranteed buying traffic. ⁠

What’s worse you ask? It’s that we don’t get to list the pricing we want, that we believe it’s fair as the clothing sometimes is close to brand new. We hand our once beloved items to these supposedly helpful/ white gloved services knowing their full worth ( dang, look at that hint of hot pink lining and the hand sewed pattern…would I actually have the chance to wear it again? just once?), but oh wait, “ once you entered this contractual relationship, we hold the full right to list your item with our specific pricing” which provides a further cutdown to what you would never thought it could be priced with a staggering 20–35% lower than market price! and it did. 🤷⁠

Just when you’re about to re examine this remorse worthy realization because all of a sudden not much made sense, Congrats! Your “POPULAR “ item is SOLD and got snatched INSTANTLY! 🧞‍♀️⁠

We then tell ourselves: “ Ok at least I got back 1/5th-10th of the worth! “ and now…? 🙄⁠ Oh well… we’ll see you in Day 6, HAUSSEPEOPLE!

Click here to read more about Buyer’s Remorse and tips on how to avoid it!

Hello #HAUSSEPEOPLE! Day 6 of 27! 👌⁠

{ You Do Have Options, a New Option Coming Your Way. }⁠

Following our last post, Yes we got it too! We don’t have enough channels for resale out there besides these expensive platforms. And when we go for the mass audiences marketplaces that are low cost and free, the buyers are not usually cross checked and don’t necessarily poise that similar sense of whom you may want to pass your clothes on to. This is often because these platforms are not a niche targeting place nor with the correct audiences that want that pair of Kenzo slippers you swore by.🧑 🧢

With that said, a new option 🧜‍♀️ is in the brewing and coming our way. See ya tomorrow!


Bonjour #HAUSSEPEOPLE in Canada! Day 7 of 27 with a Sneak Peak! 👀👗

{ 1 Item 3 Places👎 ? We Say 1 Item 3 Ways👍 ! }⁠⁠

Yes. We know you smarty pants out there. We also know you’re full on diversification selling skillset. While it’s quite tempting to get as many exposures you can, this strategy may not work hand in hand like a stock portfolio:) ⁠

By listing your preloved items onto different platforms, how would you cross manage them let along update all your inventory! Before you know it you got yourself an over hassled situation. ⁠

While most of the platforms out there are for resale only, did you know by renting your item 3–5 times you can recouped the original cost, and create a new streamlined recurring income opportunity? “Rental? There aren’t such options out there that will take my items and list it for rent!” ⁠

Really? Well, 🤗 🤔 🤭 🤫⁠

Ciao #HAUSSEPEOPLE! Day 8 of 27 Open Call! ⁠✍️ 💅 🤳 ⁠

{ An Open Call To All Fashion Students/ Stylist/ Blogger & Creatives/ Designer Resellers/ Sustainable Fashion Peers/ Aspiring Fashion Designers in Toronto/CA ! }⁠

We think by now you got a general grasp of who we are, (wait for it, there are a lot more still brewing.) meanwhile, we are calling All You Fashionistas /Fashion Students/ Stylist/ Creatives/ Fashion Resellers/ Sustainable Fashion Peers/ Aspiring Fashion Designers in Toronto/CA to apply for our Early Access Beta Users List ( 20 🧜 50+ 🧜🏻‍♀️) to form an early curated community of scene starters. Pls find the early access button on our site.

Selected members will be contacted for a preliminary chat, become the first scene starters and work closely with our team on setting the ideal environment and tone pre launch, and receive customized incentives through our program🦹‍♀️. We will be talking to every single one of you through out the on-boarding process and get to know you and your aspirations.

It is your love for fashion and sustainability that make our platform thrive. ⁠Thank you for your support and keep going on day 9/27! See ya!

BETA Early Access Application Now!

Hello to The Stylist Bunch of #HAUSSEPEOPLE! It’s Day 9 of 27 🧚

{ An Under Budget, Hassle-Free Solution for the certified AND aspiring Stylists of TO & CA! 💁 💁🏻 💁🏼 💁🏾 💁‍♂️ 💟 }⁠

We have chatted with a few of you, a major concern is going over the budget of client’s needs and very limited channels of showcasing which affects your book building. While the major PR firms and Designers are based elsewhere, how about the Shipping/ Returns?😐⁠

When you risk going over budget and not able to meet a client’s expectation based on limited selections out there (especially the CA market, with few niche shops and designers) to achieve the best look for her/ him, ok, stop here! We don’t want to go there!⁠

And so help is on the way, we designed our platform not only for the fashion buyers and sellers, we kept you in our mind since day1: through a semi-private invitation/ selective process we are now acquiring and on-boarding fashionistas from all walks in CA to showcase their personal “clossets” aka clothing assets. Our team is on the verge of sourcing and curating the best quality and rare finds niche brands (while we keep a list of 2000+ of all designers small & large) across the world that have landed in our local markets. You may then can’t help but want to broaden your own inventory as well!? #personalbranding⁠

Through our own marketing channels, we will team up with our ambassadors within the styling niche and local fashion partners to help you cross-promote and get featured on our platforms. Shipping wise, we think local with 0 emissions cost (yes, the environmental talk will come next for all your sustainable loving ones!) which also makes it easy for you to co-ordinate your deliveries.⁠

See you in Day 10, #HAUSSEPEOPLE!

~The End of Part 2 Day 9/27~

This Story is a part of our Instagram Grid Show Series, Day 5–9 of 27. Thanks for the read #HAUSSEPEOPLE, and don’t forget to #WEARYOURPURPOSE!

If you missed it, don’t forget to check out Part 1 and Part 3 of our Instagram Grid Show Series. Follow us on IG to join this uprising trend to Fashion Sustainability!

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À New Wave to Fashion, À New Way of Living. World’s First Sustainable AI-Powered P2P Multifunctional Fashion Ecosystem, for Me and You. BETA iOS Android SS21

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