10 Recent Fashion Trends to Follow For this Summer Season

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Summer 2021 is here; it is time to get your wardrobe in order. While it has been a slow year for the fashion world, this new season has uncovered truly bold and stylish new designs. Structured pants, accent lavender and yellow handbags, thrifted gems, clashing patterns, cute loungewear, and sleek face masks define this summer’s fashion. This year, some of the most influential decades play an influential role in this season’s looks, and most notably, thrifting and buying preloved items has become the new norm. These emerging fashion trends are eerily similar to those we’ve seen in the late 90s and early 2000s’, otherwise known as the “Y2K” style. So let’s take a trip back to the low-waisted jeans, biker shorts, and shoulder purse era and look into the ten recent fashion trends to follow for this summer season.

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1. Sorbet Pastel Tones

From Paris to Milan, pastels are making an appearance; colours like yellow, pink, magenta, tangerine, and mint green are perfect for summer, particularly in the accessories market. These colours compliment any skin tone and can make any outfit look chic, elegant, and easy on the eyes

2. Matching Sets

The classic “Clueless” matching set is experiencing an uprise once again. For a beach day, a night out, or just your daily stroll, the effortless high-waisted midi or mini-length skirt paired with its matching crop top or blazer will not disappoint for any occasion.

Image via E!online

3. Square Toe Sandals and Kitten Heels

As seen on many high-fashion runways, from minimalist flats to statement heels, these vintage style shoes go perfectly with virtually any dress or flared jeans.

4. Mini Skirts

Minis are back in!! In a variety of floral prints, eccentric patterns, fabrics, and silhouettes, mini skirts do not fall short. Their abbreviated hemline gives the perfect opportunity to showcase your statement sandals too.

Gif via VogueSingapore

5. Rectangle Sunnies

Even a pair of low-key sunglasses can be a statement and elevate any overall aesthetic. Rectangle sunglasses present a happy medium between the oversized and the ultra-skinny frames. These versatile and simplistic glasses will be a joyful addition to any summer look.

6. Eccentric Patterns

This summer has brought out some of the craziest and most colorful prints that we’ve seen back in the 70s: polka dots, stripes, checkers, optical patterns, marble swirls, and florals. You can even mix and match these patterns in different pieces or subtly include them in scrunchies, bandanas, belts, or sneakers.

7. Strap Work

This year we are paying attention to detail, and vying for a dainty dress with sophisticated strapwork is the best way to stay classy and have fashion lovers turning their heads. The intricate back detailing, criss-cross front straps, and tie-fastening drawstrings are part of the dress code this year. Of course, this goes for sandals too.

Image via @emmaleger Instagram

8. Crochet

Whether it be a colourful bucket hat, tote bag, tops, or skirts, crochet is everywhere this season. This fabric is perfect for that beachy boho look.

9. Colourful Accessories and Jewelry

Who would’ve thought that the beaded best friend bracelets you made in middle school are now more fashionable than ever? These playful and bold pieces paired with your favourite gold jewelry can instantly add character to your everyday summer looks.

10. Denim

Denim has always been a fashionista’s best friend, but denim trends are ever-changing. This year we’ll see denim Bermuda shorts and low-waisted mom Levi’s and Wrangler jeans make a comeback. These authentic pieces are best found second-hand!

Summer 2021 is a time to be bold and express yourself with the 10 hottest fashion trends to look out for this season!

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À New Wave to Fashion, À New Way of Living. World’s First Sustainable AI-Powered P2P Multifunctional Fashion Ecosystem, for Me and You. BETA iOS Android SS21

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