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Who doesn’t love a good fashion purchase?

Since y2K fashion production had 2X to date, yet 85% of textiles go into landfills each year. The more trending options presented, the more we urge to catch up, the more collections to be made.

This incessant psychological chase became the perfect matchmaking for brands big and small across the world. Fashion collections rose from 2 seasons per year to 5, towards a staggering of 20 in fast fashion. …

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As more and more consumers continue to seek out ethical and sustainable clothing options, it is in brands’ favour to work these concepts into their brand. Now that being sustainable is a profitable business model, brands are finding ways to appear sustainable on the surface but not behind closed doors. This is where transparency is vital for customers to get the full picture of who they are supporting, through every step of the supply chain.

What Is Brand Transparency?

Brand transparency is the ability for a company to be open and honest throughout all of their operations from manufacturing to retail. Most consumers are…

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Dutch fashion designer, Iris Van Herpen, brings something new to the table every season. Her trend aversions make every one of her moves completely unexpected. Sometimes using 3d printing and laser cutting or even making her debut with the use of umbrella ribs, she keeps her following on their toes.

Her Background in the Arts

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With the rise of cryptocurrency came the rise in NFTs as well. NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are popular digital tokens that represent real life objects. People bid and buy them online, oftentimes through the use of cryptocurrency. In fact, most NFTs are said to be encoded with the same or similar software used with cryptocurrency. In general, they are of a limited supply. While they share similar software with cryptocurrency, that is where the similarity ends. Each NFT is worth something entirely different from the next, and each can hold different sentimental value to different owners. These tokens can only…

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Discovering and refining your own personal style can be a struggle. It can be so hard to figure out which aesthetic is truly yours and how to own it. However once you do, getting dressed in the morning can give you the daily dose of serotonin you need to carry you through even the toughest of days.

The true impact of personal styles goes farther than making a good impression or showing off, great style is more about approaching each day with confidence and the ability to feel gorgeous in whatever you are wearing. And contrary to popular belief, finding…

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Upcoming chinese lingerie brand has recently gained mass media attention when they received $100million in series D investments from The Carlyle Group. This is the third time Neiwai has received such a large investment, the other two being in 2019 and 2017. Pronounced nay-why and meaning ‘inside and out’ the company is soon set to be everyone’s go-to.

Their Origin Story

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Almost every facet of the fashion industry has shown alignment with sustainability as the climate crisis becomes more severe. Pressure from the public leaves little-to-no room for brands that don’t comply. As a result, many brands have half-heartedly made commitments to uphold a sustainable business model, after all, it’s good for their image. Brands are setting extremely long-term goals, that in truth, won’t help much considering the speed of global warming. But with enthusiasm and in a timely manner, Copenhagen Fashion Week (CPHFW) has set some pretty strict goals in place. After all, Scandinavians do sustainability best.

The Changes Up Ahead

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As the number of social media users climb, the online space is becoming an asset in brand marketing and retail. Targeted advertising algorithms and influencers make social media the most effective and efficient method of advertisement. Following instagram and facebooks success in implemented shopping, twitter is jumping on the bandwagon.

What’s New on Twitter

Twitter’s new shopping feature will dedicate a section of the app for retailers to showcase their products. The shop module will appear when visiting a company’s profile to create a seamless experience from social media scrolling, to cart. Post-pilot, this feature will be usable for all brands, big and small…

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With the rise of fast fashion, retailers have started upping production numbers higher than ever before. Overstock can lead businesses to markdown prices or even throw away clothes after they dont sell. As this has become the industry norm with mass garment production in the mid 90’s, it’s hard to deviate from the norm and create clothes made to order.

The Benefits

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The thing about technology in fashion is that it comes in all forms, shapes, and sizes. It may mean that your coat self heats by the click of a button or it might be that your dress only exists in a digital form rather than physical. The possibilities are endless and the creations we are seeing in the fashion industry are out of this world. Fashion design tech labs are popping up globally and Jasna Rok is the founder of the first Belgium location, and her work in emotional intelligent fashion technology is unlike anything we have seen before.



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