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The Surge of A burning world:

Since y2K fashion production had 2X to date, yet 85% of textiles go into landfills each year. The more trending options presented, the more we urge to catch up, the more collections to be made.

This incessant psychological chase became the perfect matchmaking for brands big and small across the world. Fashion collections rose from 2 seasons per year to 5, towards a staggering of 20 in fast fashion. …

Girl holding Lovia tote bag labeled “Trash Bag”
Girl holding Lovia tote bag labeled “Trash Bag”
Image via Lovia

What Can retailers Do To Use More Sustainable Packaging?

When it comes to sustainable packaging there isn’t a one-size-fits-all option, but there are options! With online shopping becoming the go-to for most consumers these days, the fashion industry has seen a surge in online orders resulting in more packaging. According to Shopify’s Fashion and Apparel Industry Report, the fashion e-commerce industry is expected to rise from $481.2 billion in 2018 to $712.9 billion in 2022. Packaging waste is a growing global issue, especially with the increase in online shopping, so knowing how to ship your products sustainably is key to taking responsibility for the environment and becoming a more…

Under the leadership of Chloé’s newly instated Creative Director Gabriela Hearst, the luxury fashion brand has stepped into a new age of putting social and environmental sustainability at the forefront of their operations. Her first collection at the fashion house for Autumn/Winter 2021 was a clear depiction of the vision the brand holds. A vision of creating a better future through ambitious efforts to be environmentally conscious on all levels.

Leading the Environmental Era with Chloé

Long gone are the days where we as consumers and producers are unaware of the lasting effects our actions can have on the environment. Chloé is taking this truth…

Casey Chanel for Emma Brewin, Image via Divine Beauties

Department stores across the U.S. have started to join the Anti-Fur Movement by banning the sale of any garments containing animal fur. Some of these big box stores include Macy’s, Nordstrom’s, and Bloomingdale’s, just to name a few. On Wednesday, April 7, 2021, department store Saks Fifth Avenue shared that they will be joining the movement and will be fur-free by the end of fiscal 2022. Moreover, this ban will apply to all brands carried in-store, online and will also apply to their in-house brand. …

Vin + Omi makes clothes out of recycled plastic.
Vin + Omi makes clothes out of recycled plastic.
Image via Vin + Omi

Fashion brands across the globe are striving to reduce the industry’s negative environmental impact by creating new clothing using only recycled materials. This practice supports a circular economy, which gives used materials that already exist in our world a new life and thus avoiding the landfills. Recently, there has been a growing movement in fashion production to create new pieces using recycled plastic. Sounds great right?

Thrifting 101: the basics of looking for vintage, secondhand fashion
Thrifting 101: the basics of looking for vintage, secondhand fashion
Image via @purplefashionmagazine on Instagram

Buying used items by means of thrifting and online fashion resale platforms can be daunting. I’ll say it. However, shopping with a purpose doesn’t have to be a hassle.

Thrifting achieves the tenants of saving money while looking cute, reducing waste, and being practical. It allows you to proudly say “it’s vintage” when someone compliments the pair of patent loafers you snagged at a local Goodwill. Above all, buying clothing secondhand is a better way to buy better quality items, grow a one-of-a-kind sense of style, and experiment with new looks.

Below you’ll find some tips and tricks on how…

car with flowers
car with flowers
Image via @george_tyebcho on Instagram

Are retailers focusing on sustainable options to move excessive inventory?

Let mending be part of your toolbox of sustainable fashion practices.

Patchwork of different fabrics to mend your clothes with.
Patchwork of different fabrics to mend your clothes with.
Image via @dazedfashion on Instagram

To mend. Merriam-Webster defines this act as “to put into good shape or working order again; patch up; repair.” When we mend our clothes we are putting them back into use. Whether that’s patching a hole, fixing frayed hems, or reinforcing seams, mending prevents our clothes from going to the landfill by making them wearable again. Reducing waste? Now that’s a mark of sustainable fashion.

Before fast fashion, mending was done out of necessity. When materials were limited and clothing was expensive, mending was the way to go. For example, during World War II, the British government launched a “Make…

Microfiber pollution begins with the shedding of plastic fibers from synthetic clothing.
Microfiber pollution begins with the shedding of plastic fibers from synthetic clothing.
Dolce & Gabbana Alta Mode, Image via Vogue

When we think about ocean pollution, we often imagine shores filled with plastic water bottles, bags, fishing nets, and various other forms of plastic waste. But did you know that some of our clothes also shed tiny fibers of plastic that make their way into the ocean? This is known as microfiber pollution. With each wash, microfibers make their way into our oceans, lakes, and rivers.

Take your love of the Earth and sustainable fashion into the warmer months by looking for these eco-friendly fabrics on the labels of your next clothing purchase.

green clothes hanging on a clothes liner
green clothes hanging on a clothes liner
Image via @annabellindsy on Instagram

Consciously seeking out sustainable fabrics is a small but powerful change we as consumers can make to reduce our carbon footprint and to promote ethical products. To quickly mass distribute seasonal collections, the fast fashion industry depends heavily on the production of cheap synthetic fabrics, which can take decades (if not centuries) to biodegrade. On the other hand, sustainable fabrics are natural or recycled materials that aim to reduce their environmental impact. …


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