DIY’s to Upcycle & Revamp Clothes You Already Own

DIY fashion with Beepy Bella
Beepy Bella, Image via Vogue

Many people have been losing their sanity over extreme boredom during quarantine, so why not try out a new hobby such as DIY clothes to keep you sane? DIY saves you money and it keeps you busy doing crafts and projects that you will genuinely enjoy. Here’s a list of Do-It-Yourself projects that you can do for clothes that you want to love again.

Ever thrifted the most perfect garment you found only to be disappointed that this one-of-a-kind gem is the wrong size? As you try it in the fitting room, find ways you can make this special garment work! The dress or skirt is too long? Cut it! The shirt fits poorly? Crop it! Pants go past your ankles? Cuff it!

“But I don’t know how to sew!” Do what I do and give it to my mom to fix it for me. My mom has cuffed and fixed the length of many pairs of pants for my 5’1 stature. Even better, you can simply cuff pants by rolling them up a few times. Another option is fabric glue. You can fix the length of skirts and dresses by cutting off the extra fabric and simply glue the hem. Hemming the raw edges will definitely make any DIY look professionally done.

DIY face mask

Remember that extra fabric from the beautiful floral skirt that you transformed? Don’t throw it away! Scrap fabric will always come in handy so stock them up. There are many tutorials on how to make masks out of these scraps of fabric. Just make sure you use at least 3 layers of this fabric for extra protection from the virus. You’re preventing the spread of the coronavirus AND looking fashionable! So now you have a coordinated outfit wearing that mask with the floral skirt it came from.

DIY tie-dye

Rainbow tie dye and bleaching shirts, sweatpants, and jeans are SO trendy right now. If you have a plain white t-shirt that has a stain, cover it up by tie dying it lots of bright colours. And YOU have the complete freedom to choose which colours you would like to use! The same idea goes with bleaching dark clothes for a dramatic effect. You can use the tie dye method on a black shirt with bleach, or create your own unique designs on denim jeans. Let your creativity flow!

Don’t know how to tie dye? It’s easier than you think since you don’t have to be so precise and careful with the dye application.

You’re an artist, eh? Step the previous DIY up a notch and paint on your old worn-out jeans and jackets that you don’t wear anymore. Paint flames on the bottom of the jeans, hearts, stars, whatever you feel like. In the words of American painter and legend, Bob Ross, “There are no mistakes, only happy accidents.” So express yourself through your art and clothes!

Make sure you use acrylic paint or fabric paint for the best results and to ensure your masterpiece stays on the garment that you’ve turned into your canvas. Of course, there are no limits and boundaries when it comes to your creative imagination. DIY those old kicks you’ve worn out to turn them into something new!

This is for personalizing any plain shirts, sweaters, hoodies, jeans, tote bags in any way you’d like. Essentially, you need to purchase some photo transfer paper from Walmart, Michaels, or Amazon. Then, you can print out any image you like onto this special paper, and you can just transfer it on your clothes by using an iron. So turn any boring t-shirt into a cool and unique graphic t-shirt that ONLY YOU own. It’ll make everyone ask you where you got it from, and the look on their face will be priceless after you tell them YOU made it yourself! Priceless!

patches and pins on denim jacket

This is an easier approach to customizing and personalizing your jackets, bags, hats, etc. There are plenty of unique patches and enamel pins found on Etsy and Redbubble to support local artists and small businesses. Whether it’s a quote from your favourite TV show, a reference to your favourite movie, or some memes, I’m sure you can find a patch or enamel pin that you just NEED to put on your favourite denim jacket. And just like that, you got your own one-of-a-kind jacket. Better yet, it’s a cool ice-breaker when meeting new people! You’re literally wearing the things that represent your personality.

DIY embellishments on jeans

Similar to patches and enamel pins, you can add gemstones, glitter, sequins, lace, and any other embellishments that you come across. These can be done fairly quickly with E6000 glue, just make sure it is safe to use with certain fabrics so you don’t ruin your garment. What a way to spice up any boring pair of blue jeans. You look fab, darling!

fashionable hijab and scarves

I don’t know about you, but I receive a scarf EVERY year for Christmas and I never know what to do with them. Like YES, I understand we live in Toronto and it’s COLD but there must be a way to wear them in other ways than just around your neck, right? OH WAIT. THERE’S PLENTY OF WAYS! Wrap it around your head for a headband or for our Muslim #HAUSSEPEOPLE, turn your scarf into a fashionable hijab. Or relive the 2000’s by wearing a scarf as a belt around your waist? Maybe not?

Fashion trends are a good way to find inspiration on what is trending and in style during that season. Keep up with the trends, boomer! Inspiration is anywhere and everywhere: fashion magazines, TV and movies, and even social media platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube (check out our blog on TikTok fashion trends!).

And of course, be sure to check out ÀLA.HAUSSE on our Instagram, Facebook, mobile app, and website to find the most chic and sustainable fashion tips.

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Originally published at on March 5, 2021.



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