Elon Musk: A Businessman who Prioritizes Sustainability

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The ÀLA.HAUSSE ecosystem exists because we want to assist in the global effort for a more sustainable future. As persistent and as determined as we are, the fight can be tiresome when the world is often showing little concern for the environment. Thankfully there are philanthropists like Elon Musk who help us remember that there are still people out there fighting for justice for Mother Earth, and who inspire us to keep pushing for a greener future.

Elon Musk: A Man of Many Interests, Including Philanthropy

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Musk is known for many things. He founded Tesla, a company that develops and produces electric-powered vehicles, as well as SpaceX, another company that’s leading the charge in space and rocket technologies, and the aptly named Boring Company, which focuses on large-tunnel boring under cityscapes. As you can see, he has a variety of interests, but all seem to have one goal in common: the betterment of humanity.

Yes, Musk is a controversial subject. His antics as of late could only be compared to that of a 15 year old computer troll, but he appears to be a man who wants to achieve global climate action; a goal that, given his resources, is not outside the realm of possibility. In fact, many of Musk’s undertakings have already had a serious impact on climate change. In 2020alone, his company Tesla avoided 5 million metric tons of CO2 emissions, thanks to the use of their electric cars.

Being a company that takes climate action, as well as economic action seriously, Tesla states on their website that by 2030 they plan to increase their sales of electric vehicles from 0.5 million to 20 million per year,. They also plan to achieve an energy storage of 1500 GWH, compared to the mere 3 GWH achieved this year.

Achieving the Tesla Ecosystem

As they’ve outlined in their 2020 impact report, they aim to attain a balanced ecosystem between all tesla resources. This includes solar panels, energy storage, tesla cells and tesla vehicles, all working together in unison to deliver an experience that is not only economically efficient, but environmentally sound. Because they doubled their sales in 2020, from 2.4 billion to 5.9 billion, they plan on localizing their supply chains, so as to reduce their associated carbon footprint.

SpaceX Leading the Charge in Sustainable Space Practices​

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As for SpaceX, arguably the greatest space agency to date, they’ve attained some significant milestones in the global sustainability agenda; both on Earth and elsewhere. Their reusable rockets, for example, allow them to simply refuel the rocket in question, aim it back at the sky, and send it right back into space. Prior to this significant advancement in rocket technologies, rockets that were sent to space would either become garbage or would have to be rebuilt and refitted. Now, the process is faster, it’s more efficient, and most importantly, it’s cleaner.

Currently SpaceX rockets use liquid kerosene, which isn’t carcinogenic or toxic like hypergolic propellants; the more widely used method. In the future, the plan is to use methane because it is a natural gas and is therefore a greener alternative when it comes to rocket fuel. Liquid hydrogen would have been preferable, but the technological logistics are complex, and the fuel tanks required would need to be larger.

Tesla’s Solar Panels Give Power to the People

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Of course, their solar panel endeavors are also of incredible importance. With solar inverters that operate at a 97.5% efficiency, and relatively affordable options, Musk makes free energy accessible to just about everyone. The solar panels themselves can be fit to all sorts of different housing types and angles, and their associated storage cells allow individuals and families the opportunity to save energy for later use. Tesla solar panels give you more control over your energy footprint, and with the easy-to-use app, you have access to real-time energy consumption and generation data.

Tunnels a Viable Sustainability Option

As boring as the Boring Company may seem, giant tunnels under cities are not simply just giant tunnels under cities. The intention is that one day, these tunnels will act as a traffic decongestants, allowing commuters the option to circumnavigate traffic by opting for the subterranean alternative. The tunnels are already being dug and built under Las Vegas, with possible extensions planned for the future.

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But why bother with tunnels? Are they really a more sustainable option than roads? Tunnels are a green alternative to surface highways and roads for a number of reasons. They reduce traffic, and therefore commute times; they are low maintenance, and require little re-paving; and their construction is less pollutive and destructive to the environment. They allow for more space on the surface, and they have an unlimited capacity, meaning layers upon layers of tunnels could be hypothetically built. Tunnels also offer the opportunity for a hyperloop system, which when in operation could enable travel between distant locations within significantly reduced time-spans. This could lower emissions in not only the automotive industry, but the air transportation industries as well, depending on how far the tunnels reach.

The ÀLA.HAUSSE Sustainability Initiative

Having a company that focuses on electric alternatives to the automotive industry, as well as other sustainability initiatives like solar power and traffic decongestion, Musk has proven time and time again that he intends to assist in bringing about a more sustainable society. Sustainability is key to the ÀLA.HAUSSE agenda, and so we commend his efforts, and hope to see him continuing in his fight for a better future.

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