Ethical and Sustainable Lingerie: Going Green Comfortably

4 min readAug 17, 2021
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Who doesn’t love feeling amazing and sexy while also helping the environment at the same time! From elegantly crafted lace bras to bold and bright bodysuits, ethical lingerie labels can give you that sought after, fantastic feeling.

The following ethical lingerie brands are catering to the environment needs and also creating everlasting sexy looks.

Image via PortlandMonthly

Organic Basics

Organic Basics is your go-to for super comfortable everyday underwear! All their products are crafted directly from high-quality organic materials and live up to their mission statement, “Basically Better Made.” OB specializes their products by weaving silver into the organic cotton fibers, using a process called SilverTech, making their pieces both antibacterial and heat regulating. This means they require fewer washes! Making everyone’s life easier while also paying homage to our beautiful planet.


Cosabella has been in the sustainable luxury lingerie market since it was established back in 1983. At the time the company’s sustainable take on luxury lingerie pioneered a new movement in terms of ethics and fashion, and now they are taking the world by storm using the same strategy. All of their products are handcrafted by Italian artisans using Renaissance-era techniques in family-run workshops. To make things better the brand delivers over 2000 styles in over 100 colors that are all created from natural dyes with water straight from the Alps. Their extensive collection includes a huge size range and number maternity options.

Lara Intimates

Lara Intimates does things a little bit differently by crafting their huge selection of bras and underwear out of deadstock fabrics. The label called for zero-waste design, thus they use every piece of material they have to provide consumers with a unique undergarment that’s both versatile and colorful. Taking things to another level all their products are ethically made in their very own female run factory in the UK. They stand for their feminism and sustainability and their products definitely carry their message along with them.

Aurore Lingerie

Aurore Lingerie celebrates the strength of women, accentuating their natural features with their sustainable collection of lingerie. It is super important for them to create a product which focuses on the independence and sensuality of women while also staying environmentally conscious. The brand crafts all their products from deadstock lace, silk, and tulle fabric aka utilizing excess fabric from fashion houses in Europe and Japan. Each piece is expertly made by ateliers in Portugal and Italy and they each promote the fierceness of women and the resistance of the environment.

The Lingerist

The Lingerist is a little different from the other brands listed above. Rather than having their own sustainable lingerie they have created an online marketplace in which brands using sustainable fabrics or fair working conditions can sell their products on one platform. They exclusively stock their online collection with sustainable and ethical lingerie. They carry everything from bras, briefs, and bodysuits, catering to every body type. Interestingly, all purchased lingerie is shipped to the consumer in recycled cardboard packaging offsetting the carbon emissions from shipping.

These are just a few standout companies that are taking a more sustainable lens on lingerie. There are so many more ethical and sustainable brands out there working towards the same goal of respecting consumers and the planet as well! Lingerie should be comfy, it should make women feel empowered, confident, and sexy. Now it can reflect their values regarding sustainability as well.

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