Twitter’s New Shopping Feature Has Users Shopping More Than Ever

3 min readAug 22, 2021
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As the number of social media users climb, the online space is becoming an asset in brand marketing and retail. Targeted advertising algorithms and influencers make social media the most effective and efficient method of advertisement. Following instagram and facebooks success in implemented shopping, twitter is jumping on the bandwagon.

What’s New on Twitter

Twitter’s new shopping feature will dedicate a section of the app for retailers to showcase their products. The shop module will appear when visiting a company’s profile to create a seamless experience from social media scrolling, to cart. Post-pilot, this feature will be usable for all brands, big and small. Twitter hopes that the new integration of this feature will push candid conversations around products that give brands a constant flow of feedback. The casual nature of twitter’s app has always facilitated brand-consumer relationships.

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Social Media is Bad for Fashion Sustainability…

The fast moving trends can be credited to social media. Influencers in particular broadcast their ideal but unachievable lifestyle that includes a larger than average shopping budget. Their jobs allow them to purchase enough clothes to never be seen in the same outfit twice. With a large following, influencers are impacting entire generations to strive for an unachievable goal. Fast fashion retailers are the only solution for many. Cheaper items means we can shop for more, and more often.

Combined with the influencer agenda and fomo environment of social media, targeted advertisements catch consumers at their weak points, oftentimes advertising things they weren’t even looking for. In most aspects, social media shopping channels actively fight against sustainability. The only exception is the accessibility and safe learning space it creates for people to learn more about how consumer patterns affect the environment.

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Driving Traffic to your Brand Via Social Media

Successful retailers have two steps to running a successful business, have a product, and set up a simple way for people to purchase. The checkout is the easiest way to lose customers. Making it as simple for the customer as possible is vital. These days, it can’t get much simpler than promoting yourself on social media (a place people visit every day) and allowing them to checkout with autofill. Leaving the customer to barely lift a finger is the simple experience many brands want to be associated with.

Instagram’s Success as a Shopping Channel

Instagram implemented shoppable features in 2020 and it has been a big success. There are 130 million taps worldwide every month and here’s why:

Smart Algorithm

Instagram brings us products we want right to our doorstep. The smart algorithm becomes dangerous when alongside our credit card spendings. Influencers play into this tagging what they wear so we don’t even have to go look for it ourselves.

Streamlined Shopping Experience

The simple process that does not even take us outside of the app is the perfect platform for impulse buys. Before we can even think twice about what we are doing, we have clicked ‘confirm order’.

Influencer Recommendations

Influencers are a large contributor to the shopping dynamic of instagram. As loyal followers, we trustingly take the recommendations of the people we follow.

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With subconscious shopping encouragements around every corner of our online lives, we need to take a step back to consider what we really need. Purchasing intention is good for our wallets but also the environment.




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